Following is a list of resources that you may find useful as we proceed through the class.


Feel free to email me, I'm pretty good about replying, give it a go!

Code Editors

Don't sweat picking the right one, just make sure you have a good plain text editor installed. Sublime Text is a good option, and also what I use personally.

Code Learning

We will cover code in class in lectures, but you may also be assigned exercises on certain concepts at Code Academy, or if you'd like to brush up on concepts introduced in Interactive I.

Also don't underestimate Googling with a description of what you're trying to achieve. 'center align a DIV with CSS' or what have you.

HTML Resources

The Mozilla HTML Reference is a great way to find the tag you need for something, or just be reminded of what properties a tag has.

CSS Resources

Similarly the Mozilla CSS Reference is also killer for general information or syntax.

Here's some specific deep dives into particular tricky but useful concepts. Grid, Animations, (probably more later).

Getting Unstuck

If you find yourself stuck while writing code, remember to be patient. If you haven't already, try breaking your problem down into smaller, more manageable parts. Search Google or Stack Overflow for how to solve those parts, one at a time. Remember that most of the time you spend writing code will be fixing bugs. (And sometimes bugs will allow you to discover something new you haven't ever seen before!)

However, if you reach a point in which you absolutely need help and must ask another human, please post your code either to your class site, or in a glitch. Then, email me a link to the code and explain what you're trying to achieve (I want this box to be center; I want this to change color over time) and everything you have tried.

Javascript (JS) Snippets

Following are some short JS snippets, that show you a few essential concepts of using JS in a browser. Feel free to ask me questions about these.

These are written to be as minimal examples as possible, so if something is in the file, assume it's important! You can also download all these examples from dropbox.

Further, these examples are written to be read in a text editor, there's explanation of whats happening in the body of the file!